Hourly Rate $50/hr (2 hour min.)

      Hourly rate includes tracking, mixing and mastering and all other work.

Bands interested in recording at our studio- please email us first.
We also do not offer rehearsal space.

Mixing Rates

We also provide Mixing and mastering Services; Please send us an email if you'd like your music mixed by one of our engineers.
 A deposit with a credit card or debit card must be made to reserve studio time.  The deposit is non-refundable.  The Deposit is also non-transferable for another date unless the rescheduling is done 48 hrs prior to the session. It is our Studio Policy to not take studio time without a deposit.

Terms and Conditions
Deposits must be made at time of session booking with the first hour on either a credit or debit card through our website.  Rescheduling a session must be done 48 hrs prior to the session time.  Rescheduling can only be done once or else time will be forfeited.  Client lateness is not prorated.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Studio time; includes tracking, mixing, mastering, session file transfers (email, wetransfer) and all other work within the limits of the studio time.  Clients are advised to bring a thumb drive or hard drive to the session for file transfers (saves time). We do not offer CD duplicating services or CDs for final mixes.  Terms are subject to change, within reason, at the discretion of the studio pending the circumstance of the session in question.  

Studio Time Banks

    We offer Banks of Time (prepaid time, book it 2+ hrs at a time) Must be used within 1 year of Purchase. Time afterward is forfeit. 

10 Hour Studio Bank
450.00 500.00
20 Hour Bank Of Studio Time
850.00 1,000.00
30 Hour Studio Time Bank
1,200.00 1,500.00