Hourly Rate $60/hr (2 hour minimum)

Hourly rate includes tracking, mixing and mastering and all other work.

Bands interested in recording at our studio- please email us first.
We also do not offer rehearsal space.

Mixing Rates

We also provide Mixing and mastering Services; Please send us an email if you'd like your music mixed by one of our engineers.

$200 Full Multitrack Mix w/ Master (up to 24 tracks) 2 revisions.
$100 Vocal and 2track Mix w/ Master (up to 10 stems) 1 revision.
$40 Master w/ 1 revision.

*additional costs apply when songs exceed the track count.
*takes roughly 2-5 days for completion.

Booking in-studio sessions: A deposit with a credit card or debit card must be made to reserve studio time. The deposit is non-refundable.