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“I have worked with several engineers/ producers in the area and hands down, Andrew of Repercussions Studios is the most invested, authentic, intentional, talented, and personable engineer I have ever worked with. He is honest and his work speaks for itself. He is a visionary so he is excellent at bringing out the best in his customers and pushing them to meet their intended goals. He is fair at his pricing (I’d actually pay him more for what he does) and he has excellent customer service. I could go on and on about my experience. Highly recommended. I honestly can’t see anyone being disappointed with his quality of work. This will always be one of my favorite studios!”

— Rozi Trel

“The next top chef of music producing. Many people can cook, but not everyone has the ability to season and bring out the best in each ingredient and meal. In the same way, Andy knows how to bring out the best in every artist, musician, instrument and song. There are many who have top of the line equipment trying to be producers but don’t have the skills or a mature musical ear to use them properly. Andy knows what he’s doing and because of his genuine love for music and pride in his work he gives 100% and always delivers.”

— Jane Han

“Andrew is not only an exceptionally skilled engineer, experienced producer, passionate song writer and musician in his own right. He is a friend, and he treats your music with the same respect and love as you would. He pays attention to detail, and yet understands the bigger picture for your record. Andrew is gifted in making your music shine regardless of what genre or style of music you bring to the table, and he works alongside you to make sure your song is understood in the way you designed your song to be. I recorded my last album, “Voices” at Repercussion Studios, and working with Andy has been nothing short of a blessing. Book your session with him today! You won’t regret it!”

— Dave Bak