Tip: you want that beautiful dark twisted fantasy effect?! Here's how I did it.

Eq compression to taste... but add a distortion effect. here i have decapitator and the stock one. with autotune preceding it. send it to a 16th delay that is then sent to a reverb. ad distortion to the reverb. 

the most important thing to add is a gate. add a gate to the vocal. When your pushing that distortion hard it'll cause white noise to go crazy in your vocal. to clean it up with a gate so you dont have an annoying buzz throughout the whole song. 

i pushed the distortion modestly for this. you can use it in a subtle way to let yoru vocal stand out in a busier mix or you can use it as an effect to create a crazy tone. using guitar amp emulations are also another way of doing this. be creative and trust your ears. if it doesnt feel good within 5 mins of you putting the effect on you may need to try another one.

Also, compressors are meant to be abused. stop being so nice with your compressor. If it takes 3 db of gain reduction or 15. do it. Whatever sounds good. Dont be afraid to cheat with your gain with your compressor, your daw has faders for a reason. EQ is way over rated... a GREAT mix is all in the compressors.