Tip: This one is a bit on a the philosophical side... A perfect song to me is like this picture. The Mona Lisa is the center of the picture (obviously). And the last impression is her. Her melancholy face draws out emotion and intrigue to the viewer. But when you look deeper, there are valleys and hills behind her that add to the fluidity of the piece. I'm no art major; I’m a producer... so I’m sure someone in the fine arts could draw up a better explanation than I could. But when I look at Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, I see the value of a song. Try and follow me for a second... Lisa is the song/vocalist. The back drop behind her is the instrumentation. Perfectly in balance with one another. Leaving only the unaltered lasting impression of Lisa (the song). Any one can make a great guitar tone or even make a kick and snare sound amazing but those things are easily forgotten, as are these hills behind her. When your listener takes away more... when they take away the impression of the song in its purest form... that’s what we should strive for. There’s probably not one person in modern society that wouldn’t be able to make out Mona Lisa’s face, but I doubt anyone could tell you about the hills behind her. Lets try and aim to make songs just as memorable. Not just fly beats and catchy hooks... Happy music making.